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Minor Children Library Policy

This policy has been adopted for the protection and well-being of children who visit the public library.  The library seeks to provide a safe, friendly and appropriate environment for patrons of all ages.

The responsibility to supervise a child rests at all times with that child’s parent(s), guardian ad litem, or his/her appointed designee (O.C.G.A. 19-7-1&2).  The public library is not a school, daycare center or other licensed and closely regulated environment.  Staff are therefore not legally empowered to provide, nor can they be held responsible for, the care of unattended minors.  Children are expected to comply with the library’s Patron Behavior Policy as regards disruptive behavior.  It is the responsibility of the parent(s), guardian ad litem, or appointed designee to enforce compliance.

Children under the age of eight years old must be escorted into the library, and at all times accompanied by, a person of at least age sixteen (16) years old with supervisory authority over the child.  If there is a problem or question as to the supervisory authority, the library may ask for written proof of guardianship or that the accompanying person is the designee of the parent or guardian.  When children under the age of eight are left unaccompanied in any library, an effort will be made to locate the adult immediately responsible for them.  If they cannot be located within the building, an attempt will be made to reach a parent or guardian if contact information is available or obtainable.  If a responsible party cannot be reached, the appropriate police authority will be contacted pursuant to Georgia Code, 19-10-1.

If an unaccompanied child under the age of sixteen (16) is at a library at closing time, proper police authorities will be called to take the child into protective custody.  

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